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HEART GIRL is the holistic health care practice with a lot of HEART! I know and recognize that you are more than just the sum of your body parts! I get that you have thoughts, emotions & a stressful, busy life and that all of these contribute to how you're feeling TODAY, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

At HEART GIRL, I look at what's going on with your Mind, Body & Spirit when I treat you using one, or a combination, of our safe, effective, natural healing therapies & pure, organic products in our Aromatherapy Massages & Facials, Reflexology, Reiki & Earthing treatments.

I also offer practical, results-oriented Metaphysical/Spiritual Counselling to support and guide you through life's many ups and downs and changes. Please inquire for more details if this calls to you, or you are ready to begin working on YOU!


CALL TODAY to schedule a complimentary 15-min phone consultation (519.872.2248)



$999 FOR 4 WEEKS of 


*personal growth

*life changes

*chronic anxiety/depression


*all healing work



(or E-gift cards)

available for all services!

519.872.2248 (TEXT or CALL)

I believe that loving and caring for the yourself will return abundance to you in all ways. Maybe it’s time to make an appointment with HEART GIRL TODAY so I can show YOU how “AWESOME” feels!

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