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HEART GIRL is the holistic health care practice with a lot of HEART!  We know and recognize that you are more than just the sum of your body parts!  We get that you have thoughts, emotions & a stressful, busy life and that all of these contribute to how you're feeling TODAY, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

At HEART GIRL, we look at what's going on with your Mind, Body & Spirit when we treat you using one, or a combination, of our safe, effective, natural healing therapies & pure, organic products in our Aromatherapy Massages & Facials, Reflexology, Reiki & Earthing treatments.

We also offer practical, results-oriented Metaphysical Counselling to support and guide you through life's many ups and downs and changes.  Please inquire for more details if this calls to you, or you are ready to begin working on YOU!

We believe that loving and caring for the yourself will return abundance to you in all ways.  Maybe it’s time to make an appointment with HEART GIRL TODAY so we can show YOU how “AWESOME” feels!

*HG carries a wonderful line of skin & body care products, as well as nutritional supplements, designed to nourish every cell in your body.

NO RISK TRIAL - our services are guaranteed!

METAPHYSICAL COUNSELLING is a non-denominational form of spiritual counselling which uses the natural laws of the Universe to support, guide and direct you to happiness, health, abundance & prosperity, better relationships and life satisfaction.

Client Testimonial:  “When I took a leap of faith to commence Metaphysical Counselling with Janis 6 months ago, I was at my lowest ebb, having been in a toxic relationship after 20 years followed by losing several loved ones in a short period of time, I was trying to make sense of why I was here.  I did not realize what a life changing experience it would be connecting with Janis.   Practicing the principles and teachings have changed the way I approach  my life and now look at this journey through a different set of eyes, as well getting to the root of the experiences and living for each day.  Now, I have the tools to continue to transform my life and think differently.  I regularly attend sessions which helps to keep me focused and realize I am never alone, that the Universe consistently and faithfully has my back. I can not thank Janis enough, for without these teachings and support I would not have the hope and determination to wake everyday knowing the best is yet to come.” - Catherine H. (December 2017)

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